Paul Bunyan’s Origin Story

Welcome back! For my first mythology story, I though I would take a piece of folklore from the United States. I decided to do one of the most famous stories from the country, Paul Bunyan. Since there is so much to his story, I will be breaking it up some. Time to get started!

According to legend, when Paul was born, It took 5 storks, working overtime, to deliver him to his parents to the town of Bangor on the coast of Maine. He grew so fast that he needed to wear his father’s clothes after one week. Paul’s cry could also empty a whole pond. He grew at a rapid rate, with him soon needing to use a wagon as a baby carriage, and then a giant raft in the ocean tied to the coast after he flattened four square miles of forest. As he was rocking in his sleep, Paul was rocking so much that he was causing tidal waves on both sides of the Atlantic. It got so bad that they needed to call in the British Navy to wake him up! The town also needed to put together fourty bowls of porridge to feed him.

After the incident with the British Navy, Paul’s parents realised that Maine was just too small for him, and picked up and moved the family to wide open Minnesota. When Paul was one, his father got him a pet blue ox named Babe. As he grew up, Paul would play with a axe and crosscut saw like other kids would play with toys. It’s said that he grew so big that you could fit 7 axe handles and a plug of tobacco between his eyes. As he was playing with Babe, Paul and his Ox created Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes.
Next time in Paul’s story, I’ll get into his adventures in forming his lumberjack crew.

For more information on Bunyan’s origin and other Bunyan stories, check this out – Myths and Legends Podcast: EP. 66- Paul Bunyan: Truth in Advertising

In 2 weeks, I’ll be doing an obscure landmark from somewhere in the world!

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